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Beer Glasses and Tumblers

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Beer Glasses and Tumblers

Three ranges made from crystalline glass for excellent clarity. With the emphasis on quality, all feature a solid glass base, strong sides and edge bevelled rims for perfect presentation and balance.

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  • Beer Glass  4304NP350

    Beer Glass
    30.3cl (10 2/3oz) 

  • Tulip Beer  4100NP417

    Tulip Beer
    44cl (14 1/2oz) 

  • Large Whisky Tumbler  4404NP716

    Large Whisky Tumbler
    31.3cl (11oz) 

  • Long Drinks Tumbler  4102NP112

    Long Drinks Tumbler
    36.3cl (12 3/4oz) 

  • Soft Drinks Tumbler  4100N114

    Soft Drinks Tumbler
    28.5cl (10oz) 

  • Whisky Tumbler  4102NP115

    Whisky Tumbler
    28.5cl (10oz) 

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Steelite Operations Announcement

As England enters a period of new National Restrictions as of Thursday 5th November 2020 to Wednesday 2nd December 2020, Steelite International will remain open for business during this time.

For further information or details on our products and services please contact 01782 821000 where we have staff who can help assist your call.