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A stunning Brown Dapple sighting at One Market Restaurant

6 January 2020

Brown Dapple from the Steelite Performance range has been sighted as a perfect accompaniment to this fresh oyster platter from One Market Restaurant. Situated in the city of San Francisco, One Market Restaurant, steered by talented chef Mark Dommen, treats diners to sophisticated farm-to-table dishes, all of which are prepared in an exciting open exhibition kitchen. Whilst enjoying the freshest of foods in the most glorious surroundings, guests can also feast their eyes on fantastic views of the city while indulging in carefully curated wines and expertly crafted cocktails.

Seamlessly blending rustic and contemporary elements, it is little wonder that Brown Dapple was chosen to be paired with the oysters pictured. Effortless and stylish, the carefully selected tableware frames and elevates the dish, allowing diners to focus on the flavour and texture of each oyster without distraction. Featuring a subtle sponge painted rim in earthy golden brown, this Brown Dapple coupe plate allows the delicious seafood dish to take centre while still paying homage to the fusion of modern and traditional values championed by One Market Restaurant.

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