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Craft & Koto at The Orange Tree in Stoke on Trent

9 November 2018

The Orange Tree Bar and Grill in Stoke-on-Trent has shared a photo of a delicious looking main which has been presented on Steelite International’s Craft and Koto catering tableware.

Situated in a stunning Georgian listed building and boasting a modern interior that oozes style and sophistication, The Orange Tree Bar and Grill offers the perfect atmosphere for enjoying an intimate meal with someone special, a family get together, or for lunch with friends or colleagues. The cuisine pictured illustrates this perfectly, showing three delicious dishes that have been carefully presented on Koto and Craft catering tableware. Hand finished and celebrating natural interactions that have occurred in the heart of the kiln for centuries, both Craft and Koto complement the “old meets new” atmosphere at The Orange Tree perfectly.

Made in our Alumina Vitrified clay body, Craft and Koto add warmth and style to any tabletop presentation. Perfect together or individually, both ranges transition effortlessly through dining styles to create a memorable experience for all involved. For more inspiration, follow the links below.

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