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A simply scrumptious Craft sighting at Kapnos

9 November 2018

Craft from the Steelite International Performance range has been spotted at Kapnos, a contemporary restaurant in Washington D.C. which specialises in serving traditional Greek cuisine with a homely touch. Taking inspiration from travels across the Greek islands, Kapnos is renowned for serving hearty dishes which are bursting with flavour. Home to two large wood-fire grills with rotating spits, the restaurant is filled with rich aromas which tease the senses, bringing an authentic taste of Greece to the heart of the U.S. The dish pictured illustrates this perfectly, showing a mouth-watering dessert which has been presented on a Craft White plate. Celebrating the chance reactions that occur in the kiln, each Craft plate is unique, adding a warm and personal touch to the tabletop.

Available in 8 colour options and featuring a lustrous gem-like glaze, Craft effortlessly adds a welcoming ambience to a range of dining styles, from casual restaurant dining through to modern fine dining. For more inspiration from the Steelite International Performance ranges, follow the links below:

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