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Craft makes a delectable appearance at Saffron NOLA

7 October 2019

Under the direction of Executive Chef Arvinder Vilkhu, Saffron NOLA is a local, family-run restaurant serving global flavours. Inspired by the culinary flair of New Orleans, France, Thailand, Singapore, China and India, the delectable fare served is a true celebration of food full to the brim with soul.

Drawing on the ancient and complex history of Indian cuisine, Saffron NOLA is a restaurant with wide-reaching roots. While the richly decorated interior calls New Orleans it’s home, the menu takes diners on a journey. In combination with a thoughtful and imaginative cocktail selection brimming with South Asian influences, this makes for an engaging dining experience that utilises all of the sense and leaves a lasting memory.

This is demonstrated exquisitely in the dish pictured. Elegantly plated on Steelite International Craft tableware we see smoky Gulf Shrimp served straight from the Tandoor. Spiced with fennel, onion and fenugreek, this enticing plate of food is bursting with flavour and uses the rustic backdrop of the rectangular plate to stunning effect. What’s more, the gem-like glaze creates a finish that pairs effortlessly with the story, culture and art of the cuisine being served.

Rustic and aesthetically pleasing, Craft is available in eight earthy colours, designed to bring a natural, homespun finish to your tabletop presentations. To view more of the Steelite International Performance tableware ranges, follow the links below.

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